Creation Systems Group (CSG) is an event consulting and sound production group that provides the utmost quality in event curation, and also provides high-end sound equipment for a multitude of events.

After many years of independent event consulting, Megan McCormick established CSG in March of 2015. Our purpose at CSG is to share our passion and expertise for designing, coordinating, and curating events; as well as providing exceptional quality in event sound production. At CSG we specialize in creating atmospheres using high-end sound systems and exquisitely unique events in Southern California and the surrounding areas. Although our expertise lies in social and corporate events, we have an immense passion for entertainment and live music productions.

Through CSG, Megan McCormick is the ultimate connector for any event, and is incredibly passionate about creating the ultimate manifestation of each client’s vision. As the owner of CSG, she is dedicated to creating a conscious culture surrounding the live music and entertainment industries, as well as a corporation and business model from a place of integrity, consciousness, and love.